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Terms and conditions

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Terms and conditions

Authorisation To Call , Email and SMS User after Online Enquiry / Tour Confirmation
As you as user share his contact details in the Enquiry form or via Online Chat, Duke Kashmir Travels can call / email or sms you to understand the requirements properly and post holiday booking Duke Kashmir Travels can call you for providing different type of information about your booked tour.

Your Bookings:
Before you book please discuss your choice of accommodation & transport with our reservation staff and ask the photos of accommodation or the website of the accommodation, to make sure it will be suitable for you and the people you will be traveling with. The person who confirms the booking and send the booking amount regardless of the booking amount will be lead name. By confirming and sending the booking amount will signify that he or she has read & accepted all the terms and conditions of DUKE KASHMIR TRAVELS. The Lead must be 18 years of age or over at the time of booking. If you are under 18 at the time of booking and wish to travel without adult accompanying you, we will only allow you to travel by providing written authority from your parents or legal guardian (telephone and online booking can not be made if you are under 18)

The lead name is responsible for payment of the total booking price, including any insurance premiums and subsequent cancellation or amendment charges that may be payable. He or She also agrees to provide accurate and full information to the reminder of traveling party in relation to the booking, including any changes thereto and confirms that all the other members of the party, including any that may be added at a later date, agree to be bound by these conditions, and all other information in the relevant brochure and on our website.

At the time of booking you will be provided the complete details regarding the rest of the payments which you have to make towards Duke Kashmir Travels for your tour booking. Please make sure that you pay the rest of the payments on due dates which will be mentioned on the invoice. If the payment is not received by the due date we may treat the booking as cancelled. In some case we provide the customers flexibility to pay the rest of the amount on the tour beginning date but customers have to make it sure that they have to pay the balance amount on spot before check in to the hotel / houseboat, and if they fail to do it the booking will be cancelled

In Case you fail to pay any of your installments on due dates, Duke Kashmir Travels reserves the rights to cancel your tour and apply the cancellation policy or may fine you an amount ranging from 100 to 500 per day. In Case we will apply the cancellation policy the client has to pay the cancellation amount towards Duke Kashmir Travels failing which Duke Kashmir Travels will take necessary legal action against the customer.

Duke Kashmir Travels Have The Following Websites.

if we are in touch with each other with any of the websites, but the tour will be organized by the parent company i,e DUKE KASHMIR TRAVELS, and all the financial transaction will go to the accounts of DUKE KASHMIR TRAVELS

When You Book Your Holiday:
Once you have booked we will issue a confirmation invoice setting out the Holiday details and price. A contract will exist when we issue the confirmation invoice. Please check the details on your invoice carefully. If you have any questions, or anything does not appear to be right, you must contact our reservation staff immediately. On the invoice pay particular attention to the due date of your final payments. We may cancel your holiday if you do not make the final payments on time.

Changes You Make Before Travel:
If you want to change your Holiday arrangements in any way, we will try to help you, although we can not guarantee that we will always be able to do this, as changes are subjected to availability at the time.

Where we can make the changes we will charge for any additional services, facilities, or other items changed, at the price which applies on the day, the changes is made.

Please Note :

The vehicle provided to the client is not at his disposal.

2. There are certain aspects of the tour which, we as travel agents, do not have any control. Hence we are making you aware of such areas so you too can enlighten your clients. One such aspect is shopping. Lots of sellers will come to the hotels & houseboats to sell their goods. We take no responsibility whatsoever for the rates and quality. Second such aspect is pony rides in Sonmarg, Gulmarg & Pahalgam. We take no responsibility for services and charges of ponywallas. Though for tourists convenience the Union rates are displayed at most of the places. Third aspect is power cuts. These are regular and sometimes for long durations. Some Hotels & houseboats have generator back-up but only up to 12 a.m. at night after which the generators are switched off due to noise disturbance. The clients are provided with candles.

3. Transfers by Shikara from Shikara ghat to houseboat and back are provided free of cost, However occasionally during the season you may have to wait for 5-10 minutes for the shikara to come and pick you up as each houseboat has one attached shikara.

4. Please note that incase of heavy snow, clients have to take 4X4 Snow Jeep from Tangmarg (a place 12 Kms. before of Gulmarg - incase trip to Gulmarg). The supplement charges for the same is INR 1, 450/- appox Per Jeep for To &Fro transfers.    

5.  Any cost arising due to natural calamities like landslides, road blocks etc (to be borne by the clients directly on the spot)        Personal expenses such as laundry, telephone calls, tips, liquor, boating and Gondola / joy rides  

6.  At resorts like Gulmarg, Pahalgam & Sonmarg there are places like ARU Valley, Chandanwari, Betab Valley Thajwas Glacier, Gulmarg Locals,  Pahalgam locals, &Sonmarg Locals you need to hire local transport of your own which cost appox Rs.1000 approx to & fro per destination.  (Local Transport includes Cabs, Gondola Ride, Pony Rides, & Cart Rides) 

7. All payments to be made against company's official receipts only.

8. All disputes shall be subject to jurisdiction of Srinagar courts only.

9.Please Make Sure Only The Written Mail To Our Official Email Address from where you will be recieving the packages / reciepts / invoices Will Considered For any kind of change / cancelation of the tour. no verbal comunication will be accepted at any cost.

10.The extra bed being provided at each hotel will be decided by the hotel owner and not the travel agent. So, in that case it is the sole decision of hotel owner that will they provide an extra bed in the form of rool over bed or cot.

11.By Non AC Vehicle We Mean Vehicle with No Heating / Cooling Facility.

12.By AC Vehicle We Mean Vehicle with Heating / Cooling Facility.

13.During The period Of Oct to March, Customer will be only provided with Hot Water Bottles and Electric Blankets as a source of heating.All means of other heating sources will be charged separately, and customer has to pay directly to Hotel / Houseboat or where ever applicable.


13. Within 48 hours of your tour confirmation (by paying token amount), there are possibilities that we wont get availibility in the offered hotels, in that case we may have to change the plan as per need and availibity of hotels, in that case we will offer alternative iternaty which with changes in hotel or itenary plan, there are possibilities you may miss some tourist places due to non availibity of hotels, in that case  if your dont want to go for the updated offered iteneray, we can refund you the entire booking amount and cancel your tour.

15.We provide centrally heated hotels in Deluxe Package, Please Pick The Deluxe Package in case you want centrally heated hotels.

16.Any amount paid by you via credit cards, you have to pay 3% of the amount extra as transaction charges. in case you dont want to pay 3% extra, please deposit the amount in our account through cheque / Cash.

17. in case we cancell your tour due to unavoidbile circumstanes like when we wont be able to provide you some or full promised services, then we will refund the full amount of deposits
18. in peak season ( March To Oct )  similar vehicle will be provided in case of shortage of vehicle in Jammu & Kashmir as mentioned below 
Etios : Etios / Tavera / Qualis / Vehicle with same or higher capacity of seats will be provided
Tavera :  Tavera / Qualis / Innova  will be provided 
Innova : Innova / Tavera / Qualis  will be provided
Tempo 14 seater : tempo 14 seater / Tempo 19 seater / 2 tavera / 2 innova
Vehicles will more than 14 seats : a similar vehicle will be provided with same or higher capacity of seats
19. We reserve the right to split the high capacity vehicle in 2 lower capacity vehicles in  peak season ( March To Oct )
20. incase of change of vehicles, Duke travels can charge you extra amount or refund you some amount depending of the vehicle provided   

20. The amarnath helicopter tickets is subject to availibilty on the requested dates in case we dont get the tickets we will refund the full amount of deposits.

21. During witnters due to snow some of the tourist places remain closed for tourist activities like sonmarg kargil etc in that case clients will be provided alternate destination in kashmir that will be decided as per situation on that day.

22. Clients who wish to visit sonmarg in winter are taken upto gagangir point for day excursion only.

For Tours Which Include Amarnath Yatra With Helicopter Tickets, the Special Cancelation Policy will be applicable as under
The lead name on the booking must give notice to cancel the Holiday in writing or mail at our office and we shall refund the tour cost after deduction cancellation charges as under.In order to cover our expected loss from the cancellation of the booking there is set scale of charges which must be paid by you or any one traveling with you;

  • From the bookings till 15 days of arrival, 85% of the tour cost is chargible.
  • For cancelation made within 15 days of the arrival 100% of the tour amount is chargible
  • Incase Of No Show, 100% of the tour amount is chargible

Please Note

  • If the Helicopter does not operate due to bad weather, technical or any other unforeseen reasons, we will not be responsible for any financial loss that may be incurred by the passengers due to this. The Helicopter operator may offer the passengers an option to travel the next day. In such cases the passengers would have to pay Rs. 2500 for the vehicle retention for 1 extra night and will also have to pay for their hotel accommodation for extra night. Alternately the passengers may make their own arrangement for the stay in Sonmarg ( not transport ). In case the passenger is unable to perform the Helicopter journey due to the above mentioned reasons, they are entitled to full refund for the airfare only.
  • Following documents are accepted as valid Photo IDs: Valid Passport / Driving License / Election Card / Pan Card / Photo Id issued by Govt. / PSU and S
  • Please Make Sure Only The Written Mail Will Considered For any kind of change / Cancelation of the tour. no verbal communication will be accepted at any cost.
  • Non Ac Tavera Vehicle will be provided strictly as per iternary
  • No expenses, refund or any kind of compensation will be provided which may arise if you miss the helicopter timings because of any reason
  • No Refund Or Any Kind of compensation will be provided for any unutilized services by the customer in any case



Child Policy:
Children below 5 years are complementary in parent's room without extra bed. (Milk/Food for infant or children below 5 years is chargeable and direct payment in hotel.

Prepone & Postpone
1. For postpone/Prepone of tour packages are to be communicated in written and need to be inform us at least 45 days prior of tour date.
2. INR 3000/- will be charged extra for Prepone/postpone.

Cancellation by You:

The lead name on the booking must give notice to cancel the Holiday in writing or mail at our office and we shall refund the tour cost after deduction cancellation charges as under.

In order to cover our expected loss from the cancellation of the booking there is set scale of charges which must be paid by you or any one traveling with you;
  • From the booking date till 30 days prior to the arrival date, 30 % of the package cost is chargeable.
  • From 30 days to 15 days prior to the arrival date, 50 % of the package cost is chargeable.
  • From 15 days to 7 days prior to arrival date, 75 % of the package cost is chargeable.
  • For cancellations made within 5 days prior to the arrival date, 100% of the package cost is chargeable.
Changes Made By Us before Travel:
We reserve the rights to do any change in your Holiday programme due to unexpected conditions. If you do not want to accept a significant change, which we will tell you about before you depart, we will (if we are able to do so) offer you an alternative Holiday of equivalent or closely similar standard and price at no extra cost, or a less expensive Holiday, in which case we will refund the difference in price. If you do not wish to take the alternative we offer you, you can choose a different Holiday offered for sale by us and pay, or receive a refund of, any price difference. Or, if you prefer, you can cancel your Holiday and receive a full refund of deposits, which you have paid to us, except for any amendment charges of Rs 1475.00.Unless the change is as a result of circumstances such as fighting, disturbance, terrorist movement, natural tragedy, fire, bad weather conditions, we will pay you compensation as;
  • Before 12 days prior to the Arrival date, Deposits only.
  • Before 7 days prior to the Arrival date, 100% of the Holiday Cost.
  • Before 4 days prior to the Arrival date, 100% of the Holiday Cost + 1.25% of Holiday Cost.
  • Before 2 days prior to the Arrival date, 100% of the Holiday Cost + 3.50% of Holiday Cost.
Circumstances beyond Our Control:
We cannot pay any compensation, reimburse expenses, or cover losses for any amount or otherwise accept responsibility, if as a result of circumstances beyond our control, we have to change your Holiday after booking, or we, cannot supply your Holiday, as we had agreed, or you suffer any loss or damage of any description. When we refer to circumstances beyond our control, we mean any event that we could not foresee or avoid, even after taking all reasonable care. Such circumstances will usually include, but are not limited to, war, threat of war, airport closures, epidemic, natural or nuclear disaster, terrorist activity, civil unrest, industrial dispute, bad weather.

Your Responsibility:
We want all our customers to have an enjoyable, carefree Holiday. But you must remember that you are responsible for your actions and the effect they may have on others. If we, or another person in authority, believe your actions could upset, annoy or disturb other customers or our own staff, or put them in any risk or danger, or damage property or you are unfit to travel, we may end your Holiday and terminate your contract. You and your traveling party will be prevented from using your booked accommodation, transport, and any other Travel Arrangements forming part of your booking and we will not be liable for any refund, compensation or any other costs you have to pay. Alternatively at our discretion, you may be permitted to continue with your Holiday but may have additional terms of carriage imposed upon you.

In addition to the above and the effect your actions may have on others, you must particularly also bear in mind that you are responsible for your safety, and that you are responsible for the condition of the property you occupy. We are not responsible for any accidents which occur in or around irresponsible behavior, or for any accidents which occur anywhere on properties because of glass, china or the like which you have broken and/or have left in a way in which injury can result.

We expect that you will enjoy your holiday with us. We appreciate that you may well drink alcohol as part of your enjoyment. You must, however, do so responsibly and we will have no liability to you for any injury, loss or damage you suffer as a result of your judgment being impaired wholly or partly by alcohol.

We will hold you and the members of your traveling party jointly and individually liable for any damage to the accommodation, furniture, apparatus or other materials located within the accommodation, together with any legal costs we incur in pursuing a claim. It is your duty to report any breakages, defects or damage to an appropriate person immediately.

If You Have A Complaint:
We aim to provide the best Holiday possible. However, if you are not satisfied please complain as soon as possible to the relevant person (for example, the accommodation management or transport supplier). If they cannot help, you must tell your Holiday Representative and we will do everything reasonably possible to sort the problem out. If you are still not satisfied, If you do not have the services of a Representative, you must contact us at +91 901844000 straight away. No complaints or refund for the same be entertained after the Holiday programs. All disputes shall be subject to jurisdiction of Srinagar courts only.